"Gulls! Gulls! Gulls!" - White Macramé Dog Lead

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Part of our brand new, beautiful, lightweight & handcrafted, 100% recycled-cotton macramé dog leads!


With a neutral white colour, this lead has been handmade in-house by us, to order.  We hope you love it as much as we do!


Our macramé leads are made to measure approximately 4ft/120cm long (from the clip to top of handle), but as this is a handmade item, products may vary slightly.


All of our leads come with black hardware (scissor trigger clip and o-ring) as standard, but if you’d like to change your hardware, you can do so in our ‘Upgrades Collection’.  You can also further customise your lead by adding a macramé charm of your choice from the ‘Upgrades Collection’ - our stylish yet practical macramé charms are perfect for attaching accessories to your lead!


Please note - although we're confident that this product is very strong and has been tested with strong dogs who pull and lunge, in the interest of safety, we still would not recommend using it if your dog is a strong puller.  It’s up to our customers to decide on suitability of our accessories for their dogs as each dog is different.


Cleaning Instructions:  To clean your macramé lead, we recommend handwashing it with warm/hot water and washing up liquid, rinsing it with cold water, gently squeezing excess water out and leaving it to air dry naturally (out of the sun to prevent premature fading.)  however, as it's cotton, it's fine to put in the washing machine on 30 degrees and spin on low.  To protect the hardware (and your machine!), we recommend washing it in a laundry bag or a sock.