“The Tack Room" Vegan Candle
“The Tack Room" Luxury Vegan Candles and Home Fragrance range.
“The Tack Room" Luxury Vegan Candles and Home Fragrance range.

“The Tack Room" Dog Friendly Vegan Candle

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Add a touch of luxurious fragrance to your home and restore tranquility with our candle collection, inspired by the British country home and its charming surroundings.


The rich scent of leather takes centre stage within “The Tack Room” complimented by notes of sweet raspberry and fresh thyme, set on a deep, comforting base of smoky sandalwood, rich amber and sensual musk.  A must-have for those who enjoy an earthy and slightly more ‘masculine’ fragrance.  Light, inhale & relax. 

This is the fragrance for you if… you prefer warm, rich, earthy, smokey fragrances that are less ‘feminine’ than floral fragrances.  Perfect for those who enjoy the intoxicating scent of brand new leather.


Unfortunately, many mass-produced candles on the market are made from paraffin wax - a byproduct of petroleum, which releases chemicals into the air when lit… but not ours…


All of our candles are handmade in small batches in our Hampshire home.  We only use eco blends of natural waxes - our current collection is a premium vegan blend of rapeseed & coconut, our cosy, crackling wooden wicks are made from FSC certified maple wood and our upcycle-worthy, apothecary-style amber glass jars - all of which ensure a long, clean and even burn, with optimum scent throw.


Gift to someone who needs a little pick me up, or simply treat yourself.  Go on, you deserve it.


How To Use:  Light each end of the wooden wick and allow the wax to melt and pool across the entire surface before extinquishing to ensure an optimum burn and to prevent tunnelling.  Before each burn we recommend maintaining the wick by pushing any excess burnt wick off of the wick with your finger and removing from the surface of the wax before lighting.


Tip:  Why not try our wax melts to find your favourite candle fragrance..?


Safety advice:  Due to the potential for glass to heat during burning, we recommend placing our candles on a candle plate or heat protected surface.  Never leave a burning candle unattended and ensure candles are kept out of reach of pets and children.  Candles should not be burned for more than 4 hours at a time.