“That Ol' Chestnut" Autumn 21 Collection Candle

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The undisputed aroma of Christmas markets - our scrumptious roasted chestnut fragranced candle has a sweet, nutty accord with chestnuts, hazelnuts, a dash of fresh coffee and a pinch of seasonal spices.  The most subtley fragranced of our entire collection.


All of our candles are handmade in small batches in Hampshire.  We only use blends of natural waxes - our current collection is a blend of rapeseed & coconut.  Our crackling wooden wicks are made from FSC certified wood and our fragrances do not contain essential oils.  We've chosen to use fragrance oils in our candles as we personally do not know enough about burning high concentrations of certain essential oils around pets for prolonged periods, therefore we believe fragrance oils to be the safer option, after all, we do not wish to experiment on our own, neither yours!