Starry Night Wax Melts

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New for Christmas 2021!



A set of Starry Night Wax Melts!  Don’t be fooled!  Our gorgeous new star-shaped wax melts look rather adorable in their (70% recycled) plastic case, but they really come alive when they’re melting!


Ever wondered what travelling through space would look like..?!  Wonder no more!  Simply place one of these little beauties into your wax melt burner, sit back and marvel at the cosmic display before you!  A deep, dark blue starts to take over and suddenly thousands of tiny, twinkling stars appear (thanks to our choice of premium glitter!) whilst our gorgeous winter fragrance fills the air.


Your very own starry night sky comes in a pack of 6, so that you can relive your ‘walking in the air’ experience over and over!  A wonderful gift idea or why not treat yourself..?!  ‘Tis the season! 

Please note that it appears that 2 of the stars in this photo are under-filled, but we assure you that they have simply slipped inside their case as they’re very easy to remove from their packaging - rest assured that your order will be 6 full stars!