"Farewell Wet Dog Smell!" Fragranced Car Diffuser

"Farewell Wet Dog Smell!" Fragranced Car Diffuser

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"Farewell Wet Dog Smell!" is your secret weapon against stinky dog smells caused by this season's post-muddy walkies! 


Our fragrances are now available all packaged up into a beautiful glass, metal and cork reusable car diffuser bottle, which can be hung on your rear-view mirror using the cute beaded cord provided!  


Our little diffusers make the perfect small gift and can be used just about anywhere.  Perfect for porches/boot/coat rooms too or even placed on a shelf above a radiator to intensify the fragrance.  


Our diffusers are dispatched with a little bung secured under the cork lid to ensure no spills during transit.  To use your diffuser, simply unscrew the lid, remove the little bung and screw the lid back on!  Give the diffuser a little tilt so that the cork inside the lid absorbs the fragrance oil and you're adventure-ready!