Create Your Own Custom Hand-Dyed Macramé Lead

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Part of our brand new, uniquely beautiful, lightweight, hand-dyed & handcrafted, 100% recycled-cotton macramé leads!


Create your very own colourway with our 'create your own' macramé lead option!


Choose 1 or 2 colours from our selection of beautiful vibrant dyes to create your perfect macramé lead from a base of white 100% recycled cotton - there will be white visible on your lead due to our chosen method of hand-dying.  Colour selections will mix in places to create a completely unique lead for each order!  


A helpful tip when selecting colours... when choosing more than one colour, during the hand-dye process, colours may mix together to create exciting new colours on your lead, so ensure you choose colours that you won't mind if they mix a little in places!   


As a general guide:

- Blues & yellows mix to make greens

- Oranges and greens mix to make browns

- Pinks and blues mix to make purples

- Blues and oranges mix to make browns

- Yellows and oranges mix to make different toned oranges

- Yellows and pinks mix to make peach

- Yellows and purples mix to make browns

- Oranges and purples mix to make browns

- Oranges and blues mix to make browns 

Our macramé leads are made to measure approximately 4ft/120cm long (from the clip to the top of the handle), but as this is a handamde item, products may vary slightly.


All of our leads come with black hardware (scissor trigger clip & o-ring) as standard, but if you'd like to change your hardware, you can do so in our 'Upgrades Collection'.  You can also further customise your lead by adding a macramé charm of your choice from the 'Upgrades Collection' - our stylish yet practical macramé charms are perfect for attaching accessories to your lead!