4pc Plush Hide & Seek Pumpkin Enrichment Toy Set

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Enrichment toys are a great choice for dogs!  Not only are they super fun to play with, they can also help to give your dog a mental workout by stimulating their minds, making them feel fulfilled.  The best enrichment toys are those that empower your dog’s natural instincts, such as hunting, scavenging, chewing, chasing, sniffing and playing.


These adorable pumpkin enrichment toys feature a large plush pumpkin complete with smaller plush squeaky ghost, bat and candy corn toys that can be hidden within the pumpkin, encouraging your dog to forage for the hidden toys, making this a great puzzle toy providing plenty of mental enrichment and as the toys are plush, they’re soft enough for puppies and adult dogs.


As always, please supervise dogs whilst they’re playing with any toys, to ensure their safety.