Paws Dog Shelter




The ‘Wild’ part of Taylor & Wild was originally inspired by our Cypriot rescue dog, Wilf (@life.with.the.wilds) who was rescued from the streets of Cyprus and taken to the safety of Paws Dog Shelter in Paphos (@pawscapca).

Through the power of social media, we saw Wilf & immediately knew we wanted him to join our family.  He flew to the UK and we met him for the first time at Gatwick Airport.  We’ve not looked back since.  Subsequently we also rescued our other Cypriot dog, Anna Molly, from Paws, a year and a half later.

There are hundreds of dogs at Paws that are looking for their forever homes and to say thank you to all of the amazing volunteers for all of their hard work, time and love that they tirelessly dedicate to all of the dogs that come into their care, in 2019 & 2020 we donated 10% of the profits each month from every sale.  

In 2021, we’ve decided to take a different approach and to fundraise for other dog and environmental charities to help share the love.

If you would like to make a donation to Paws Dog Shelter but would not like to purchase from Taylor & Wild, please click here