"Toffee Apple" - A/W20 Collection Candle

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“Toffee Apple” - a mouthwatering Autumnal fragrance.  With notes of juicy red apple, peach, smooth caramel, musk, warm vanilla and a frosting of sugar.


We've chosen to use an Eco-friendly blend of Rapeseed wax, from Rapeseed grown across the UK & Europe and Beeswax, as opposed to popular Soy Wax, due to the production of soy's contribution to deforestation (unless grown sustainably) for our candles.


Our beautifully scented and lovingly handmade & hand poured crystal candles have been carefully crafted with a vision to create a candle that can be enjoyed on adventures, be it camping in the great outdoors, adventuring in your camper van, day-tripping somewhere peaceful and remote or simply chilling at home or in the garden.


Our candles also feature a maple wood wick for a clean burn and a subtle, homely 'wood crackle' sound. 


A beautiful crystal moon pendant can be added via the drop down menu to adorn the top of your candle and can be freed before burning by gently pulling it out or after burning the candle a little to melt the surrounding wax.  Please ensure the flame is extinguished and we strongly recommend using tweezers to remove the pendant after the hot melted wax has cooled a little.  Once released, your crystal can be washed with warm soapy water, dried and then added to a chain (also available from our store) to create a necklace or you can add the 'lobster clasp upgrade' to your cart to add a small lobster clip (pliers required) to your order to allow you to attach it to your dog's T&W Bandana, T&W snood or even their ID Tag.


Each candle is presented in a gorgeous reusable rose gold tin.  Safety and care should be taken when handling any candle.  Burn time is approx 20-25 hours.

Information about each of our crystals can be found here.


For best burn results - before lighting each time, snap off the burnt piece of wick with your finger and tip the burnt wick remnants out of the candle before lighting.  Candles should never burn longer than 4 hours at a time.  Lit candles should never be left unattended.  Burn candles away from pets and children.  Please refer to the candle's safety sticker on the underside of the tin for more safety information and advice, prior to burning.  Safety Data sheets in accordance with EU Regulations are available upon request.