The Many Benefits of Wool...


As the colder months draw in, it's time to wrap up in cosy fibres - but wool is an incredible fabric for all year round and has so many unique benefits - read on to find out why we love wool!


1) It's Biodegradable

Yes - wool is a natural product which decomposes naturally, releasing valuable nutrients into our soil.  Synthetic fabrics will take much longer to decompose.


2) It's Breathable

Wool's breathability makes it our first choice for our dog accessories.  The woven fibres within wool house tiny pockets of air, which absorb and release moisture, allowing the wool to dry quickly. 


3) It's Odour Resistant

Once wool is washed, it completely releases any odours that it has trapped on wearing.


4) It's Anti-Wrinkle

No need to get the iron out for wool!  Like a spring, wool's fibres return to their natural state after being bent, making them perfect for our neckerchief knots!


5) It's Easy To Clean 

Wool's primary function is to protect the body of the sheep from the environment.  Wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer, which helps to protect any dirt or stains from penetrating further into the fibres - the dirt will sit on the outer layer and will brush off easily.  


6) It's Static Resistant

Unlike synthetic fibres, wool does not create static electricity due to it's ability to absorb moisture from the air.


7)  It's Smart!

Wool is able to react to the body's temperature.  It's an active fibre which helps the wearer to stay warm when cool and cool's when it's warm.


8)  It's Renewable

Sheep will continue to produce their woolly fleece, a renewable fibre source, as long as there is grass for them to graze.  Woolgrowers actively help to protect our environment by enhancing the sustainability of the wool industry.


9)  It's Natural

Wool is a natural protein fibre and is considered one of the most effective forms of all-weather-protection.  Man-made fibres of the same properties are yet to be produced.


Our wool is sourced from British private sellers and well known woollen mills, like Abraham Moon of Guiseley, Yorkshire.  Some of our tweeds are created by sole retiree weavers, from their traditional weaving sheds and looms, who are inspired by their surroundings in Scotland and create the most beautiful colours and patterns to replicate the beauty of the nature they’re inspired by.  Equally we’re inspired by them, so choose their cloths to create our products, supporting small, local and British where we can.