Charity at T&W 2021

Charity at T&W 2021


Our brand was built on the idea of sustainable fundraising for charity.  Since we opened in 2019, we’ve been donating 10% of all profits to Paws Dog Shelter in Paphos, Cyprus.  With the help of our customers, we’ve been able to really help make a contribution to this wonderful shelter to provide financial aid to the staff & volunteers to be able to keep on doing the amazing work they do every day, and seeing as fundraising is what they rely on to be able to keep saving lives.  We’ll be forever grateful to our customers for not only supporting our small business, but for also being a part of helping better the lives of dogs in need.


At the end of 2020, we discussed that whilst we would like to continue our charity donations for 2021, after all it is the very foundation of our brand, that perhaps it would be a good idea to branch out and change how we do things for the coming year.  With this in mind, for our Spring Collection, we have decided to donate £1 for every order over £20.00 and £5 for orders over £50.00 to Woodland Trust.  As 2020 has been such a tough year, many of us sought solace in the forests and woodlands local to us.  We have made sure our dogs have had regular mental & physical exercise and our minds have been able to relax and marvel in the beauty of being in the outdoors.  The forests are certainly close to our hearts, so we’ve decided that we would like to, and in turn our customers would also, give back and be a part of helping to maintain the wild spaces that we’ve come to rely on.


The donations to Woodland Trust go towards planting trees, protecting wildlife and campaigning against developments that destroy precious woodland.


We will also continue to raise money for Paws by sponsoring a Paws dog each month, for each new collection we introduce.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@taylor.and.wild) to stay up to date with our charity contributions.


As always, thank you for your continued small business support and for allowing us to support these wonderful charities on your behalf too.